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Consumer Code for Home Builders

Since the Barker Review in 2004, the industry significantly improved customer satisfaction.  It is vital to maintain excellent standards of delivery and ensure a high level of customer satisfaction is being achieved across the board.  In particular, it is important that the industry continues to demonstrate its voluntary commitment to these twin objectives.

For these reasons, the major industry trade bodies and the Council of Mortgage Lenders joined with NHBC and other warranty providers to develop the Consumer Code for Home Builders.


What is the Code - at a glance
  • A set of 19 requirements and principles that will ensure the industry deals effectively with its customers throughout the entire home-buying process;
  • The Code requirements come into effect on the 1st April 2010 and apply to all new private home-buyer Reservations from that date; 
  • Where there are disputes about whether a builder has complied with the Code and the home buyer is out of pocket as a result, there is an independent dispute resolution service; 
  • From pre to post occupation, the Code will help ensure a consistently high level of customer service is maintained by monitoring customer satisfaction and industry compliance; 
  • The Code will be enforced by a change in the Rules for NHBC and other co-operating warranty bodies; gross non-compliance of the Code can end up in the ultimate sanction - being removed from both warranty bodies' registers; 
  • Customer satisfaction and industry compliance with the Code will be measured and data on performance reported back to the industry, Government and consumer interest bodies.

NHBC builder support

NHBC is helping you comply with the Consumer Code. We have developed brochures and templates to support you along the way. We are working on some other supporting initiatives and will continue to investigate other ways to help you.

Why buy this home brochure

This is the ideal point of sale brochure for show homes and sales offices.  It will help you comply with the Consumer Code for Home Builders.

This free A4 brochure provides details of NHBC¿s 10-year Buildmark cover (Consumer Code clause 2.3), and includes a copy of the Code's 19 requirements (Consumer Code clause 1.2).

Reservation Agreement

The Consumer Code for Home Builders became effective for all reservations signed on or after 1 April 2010.  Several of the core requirements refer to the Reservation Agreement and what it must contain.  The template that we have drafted includes the relevant elements that are considered mandatory under the Code, plus some data-gathering fields that would otherwise normally be expected in a Reservation Agreement. Please refer to the important guidance notes before downloading the Reservation Agreement.


An e-learning course is now available free for registered builders or for companies who are affiliated to registered builders such as estates agents, solicitors etc.



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